Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Article Writing at Ezine or GoArticles

I recently started looking into writing articles for Ezine and Go Articles in order to promote my web sites. What a different world from creative writing.

Suddenly, I was confronted with HTML code and none of my formatting of MS Word worked. My first article was published, but it looked like crap.

Then I got thinking - this is free information web articles, right? They boast to afford the reader a variety of information on almost any subject you can imagine. So I got digging. Surprise! I found exactly what I had been looking for. How to use HTML code to bold, italic, underline, form bulleted lists and link URL's. The article is called 'Essential HTML Skills For Article Authors - 7 Tips' by Christopher Knight and I have also included it in the links on the right.

Well let me get back to studying the ways to master this completely new genre for me.