Friday, December 5, 2008

Review of Write Any Book in 28 Days by Nick Daws

Before anyone asks - I am not an affiliate for this software. I don't even know if they have an affiliate program. So this is a pure and simple review of something that I used myself.

Now let's get to the program. First of all, it is not a downloadable program. You order it and have to wait for the software to arrive. (To me the wait was long because I was anxious to find out how to do it, but the program arrived within days) Bear in mind that I am in South Africa. One has to commend the distributors for delivering so quickly.

The program is offered on a CD which you install onto your computer. It offers step-by-step guidance to really be able to write your book in 28 days. In some of the sections, valuable tips are given to novice writers and used properly, the program works. You really can write your book in just 28 days. Did I finish my book? Heck, yes! Was it any good? Well, I thought so at that stage. What I didn't do, is follow the power editing tools provided for and taught in the course. I just submitted my first draft. Yep! You might realize what happened - it was turned down. Very politely I might add, but still. Now when I go back to edit, I cringe when I think someone else read that nonsense that I wrote.

Bottom line - the program works like a charm. You need to follow every single step inside though, as it will only be to your benefit. Nick Daws is also a moderator at My Writers Circle - the link is on the right.