List of Author Interviews

Due to the nature of a blog, certain posts can be hard to find. Here I've put a convenient list of all the authors interviewed on the blog so far. The list is arranged alphabetically by surname.

Bosman, Kathy

Here's a little bit about me for those who may be curious. I've been writing for about ten years now. I started off writing children's books. Then my husband suggested that I try an adult novel. I enjoyed writing it so much, and it turned out to be a romance. That made me realise that I could bring my love of romance into my writing. My writing has evolved over the years from partial romance, to inspirational romance, historicals (which didn't work at all!) to sweet, contemporary romance.

Monodee, Zee

Hard at work - I have my readers to thank for that, because they always encourage me to bring out more stories, and it's this support that makes every day, even the hardest, brighter.

Rose-Innes, Louise

Louise Rose-Innes writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense. Born in sunny South Africa, Louise is a lover of sunshine and the sea, and this is often reflected in her novels. After completing a post graduate in Marketing Management, Louise headed off to the United Kingdom to gain work experience and travel.

Rossi, Gina

All my wonderful family and friends aside, writing is the most enjoyable element of my life. I write historical and contemporary romance - being an ardent fan of the happy ever after - and am both traditionally- and self-published. Apart from developing full-blooded characters, I enjoy creating a specific setting for each book I write, mainly because I love to read books that are firmly grounded in their own landscapes.

Sommer, Romy

I’ve always written stories for myself, but didn’t even think of being an author until I realised that being over thirty and living in a fantasy world was a little odd. Writing those same stories for other people makes it a lot more acceptable!

Taye, Kiru

A lover of books, as a teenager Kiru Taye used to read novels under the blanket during lights-outs in boarding school. These days, with a young family to take care of, she's still sacrificing sleep for the pleasures of a good book.
After over ten successful years in the corporate rate race, she has chosen a different kind of creative challenge—transforming her wildly vivid imagination into sensual, atmospheric romance stories with passionate characters.

Winckler, Elsa

Elsa has been reading love stories for as long as she can remember and when she ‘met’ the classic authors like Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell, Henry James The Brontë sisters, etc. during my studies, she was hooked for life.