Monday, March 21, 2016

Writing Great Book Descriptions by Libbie Hawker

Writing tips on how to write a good product/book description or blurb.

I came across these videos explaining how to write good product/book descriptions to increase your chance of garnering more sales. Now some of the information is not new, but she gives valuable advise on how to go about the process in a two-video series.

Every writer knows that writing the book is only the first part of a difficult journey to get people to read your book. When published on Amazon or elsewhere on the internet, an author has mere seconds to convince a reader that the book he/she is looking at, is the one to buy. Libbie offers some sound advise on how to write the book description or blurb to better your chances of soliciting a sale.

Be sure to visit her page at for more on her and her books. These videos are quite lengthy, but they sure are worth watching.

Video 1 of Write an Awesome Blurb or Query

Video 2 of Write an Awesome Blurb or Query

So what do you think? Were these videos helpful?

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