Friday, July 17, 2009

Writing Exercises - Why Do Them?

The moment the word exercise creeps into a conversation, most people shift uncomfortably in their chairs. Exercise implies work and writing is supposed to be fun, isn't it?

Well, writing exercises can be fun too. If you are busy with a long-term project, like writing your first, second, or third novel, but you don't have time (or energy) to battle ahead, a short writing exercise will do wonders. Established writing coaches and lecturers agree that writers should write everyday to keep in 'shape' and to hone their skills.

But what to write about?

Simply put - anything. Look around you. Describe the surroundings, put down an unknown person's thoughts by just looking at them and observing or take a picture and write a short story based on the picture or photo. In short, let your imagination free and get your fingers typing or your pen moving.

How much should you write?

As much as you like - as long as you write something. The purpose of the exercises are to keep your creative mind functioning and to hone your skills in observing people and places. Try to make it a fun part of your day. Go back to what you have written a couple of days or even weeks later and you may be amazed at how good it actually may be.

For my part - I think I've done my exercise for the day. Until next time - keep writing.