Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How to Blog From Your Desktop to Blogger

Most writers need to do more than fiction writing in order to keep the wolf from the door. One of these methods it to blog. Some choose to write blogs on an established site belonging to other people, but others choose to have their own blog from where they try to supplement their income.

If you want your own blog, there are plenty of sites offering free blog space like Blogger, which is powered by Google. The advantage of having a blog hosted by Blogger, is that you get indexed in the search pages of Google relatively quickly.

The problem I had until recently is to update the blogs hosted by Blogger from my desktop and include pictures in the update. A lot of software allows you to update the text directly to Blogger, but the photo’s remained a headache. That is until I found Windows Live Writer.

The program allows you to update blogs from your desktop after a minor setup process. The real neat feature is that your pictures are displayed as you put it in the text and up to now, I haven’t found any date being corrupted by the update from Windows Live Writer.

With a host of features for hyperlinking, editing photo’s, adding tables, maps, video and much more, this is a program which should be considered by any serious blogger. It also works perfectly with self-hosted web blogs.