Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Showcase Your Fiction for Free and You Might Win a Prize

Fiction Writers Platform is a relatively new internet site where writers of fiction can showcase their writing skills and get feedback from readers and writers.

Although still in its baby shoes, Fiction Writers Platform promises to become an important site for aspiring and established writers to showcase their work and introduce themselves to the general public and other writers.

With feedback from published writers like Carol Rzadkiewicz and editors like Jerry Lopper and Brenda Layman, both established authors and aspiring authors will benefit from the site. Fiction Writers Platform recently introduced editors choice awards for the best contribution and plans to run contests in the near future with prizes galore.

Being a new site, the selection of fiction on the site is excellent, although limited. A writer could do much worse than to spend a few minutes contributing to the site. Besides the obvious exposure of your writing to the world, you might actually improve your writing by taking the comments to heart.

Don't take my word for it - go visit the site at Fiction Writers Platform and decide for yourself.