Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Book by Diana Jay

Today I'm not going to say much. Diana Jay is busy with her new book and she provided me with a short teaser of what we can expect. If anyone else wants to feature their upcoming books or stories here, send me a message and I'll contact you for possible placement.

As promised, here is the teaser for Diana Jay's new book:


Pilots! A species of their own.

Sparks start flying between Captain Paul Andrea and First Officer Dianne Lordan from the first day of her appointment at Bay Air. Two people similar to fire and jet fuel… ready to ignite. They all but pulled each other's hair out. At least in the small confines of the cockpit, mostly during the long, quiet hours of nighttime, they performed their duties flawlessly, professionally.

Paul still battles to come to terms with his past. He takes his frustration out on his beautiful new employee whose cheeky demeanour, brings out the worst in him.

Dianne, on the other hand, tries to stay as far away from her handsome boss as possible. A pity, for he was tall, dark and Italian… a definite recipe for disaster.

Then things started to change between them. Suddenly an increasingly, unwanted magnetism, which they both tried to ignore, crept up on them.

The hot-headed Italian bachelor was not ready for any kind of commitment and Dianne, who had her own dreams and ideals, was not prepared to have a casual affair with her employer.

During a trip to Kenya, fate intercedes as the magic of Africa and the magnificent presence of Mount Kilimanjaro weaves its spell around them…

Above all - remember ...keep writing!

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  1. This was long back. Has it been published anywhere. Can't seem to find it on the net